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AnjalaSL Photography ©

Since the day I started my work, every weekday @ the evening I see the sunset view @ Weligama on my way to Galle from Matara.Each time I see it I wish if I can stop for a while n capture it on my camera.Finally I made it!!! These pictures are captured on my phone camera while I am on my on my way home.

I am not a good photographer I'm new to this subject but I like it ;-)
So I thought of sharing my thoughts and activities in photography in my blog too ^_^

There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are

-Ernst Haas-


pramod said...

its amazing shots anjala...actually..i always go to da beach...to watch the sunset...cz it makes me feel soooo calm....it will wash away all my pain...
really nice pics..so natural... keep it up... :)

Anjala said...

@Pramod - Thanks for the comment Pramod :')

Yeah me too really love the sea,beach n sunset.I would love to lay on the beach & hear the sound of wave,Smell those scents it makes me feel alive & forget almost every trouble in my life.Even though I am living in Galle I barely get a chance to go there bt I see the beautiful beach n sunset@ Weligama in most of the evening on my way to Galle & wish if I could stop there for a while. :)

pramod said...

yeah.. angela..u have a great taste..ur own style..ur own way..its good..and ur talent is superb....i like ur taste n ur really good meaingful poems..cz im also seeking this sort of good taste..cz im also write poems..and i wish you all da best.... good luck..!!!!! :)