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To Love Of My Life

May be its the destiny or a miracle.
I still remember the the first time that I saw you.
You were standing right in front of me
I'll never forget your face.

I'd never thought you would be my FOREVER love
I'd never thought you would touch my life like this.
I remember thinking "who are you really?" that night
Cz I never seen you before in my life

Days passed n I met u through a wrong SMS again
We spent sleepless nights talking with each other
N Two strangers become the best friends.

Time passed by n surprisingly

you said that you loved me,
It was like a dream come true
Cz I never thought you would be mine.

Now there are many miles between us
you have been sent far away from me.
Even you are away from me you will forever be in my heart.
Time will fly and you will return and we'll be together again.

Sometimes in life we do experience little miracles like in a fairytale :) <3

Happy Valentine's Day !!!