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My Art Work Sketch-02


Anonymous said...

wow..! what a lovely sketch...you are truly an all rounder. I'm really surprised not simply because your talents are unique, Its also I like your attitude keep it up Anjela you are really massively talented


Anjala said...

Thanks for the compliment Roshash :)

Chathuri said...

ඔයාට ඇත්තටම ගොඩක් ලස්සන හිතක් වෙන්න ඇති තියෙන්නේ ඔයාගේ නිර්මාණශීලිත්වය විශිෂ්ටයි හැම අතින්ම දක්ශයි කලාව,නිසැදැස්,video editing එ නිර්මාණ බොහොමයක් මම බැලුව එ හැම එකක්ම ගොඩාක් ලස්සනයි ඔබට දිගු ගමනක් යන්න ලැබේවා කියලා හදවතින්ම ප්‍රාර්තනා කරනවා :)

Anjala said...

@Chathuri-බොහෝම ස්තුතියි මගේ නිර්මාණ අගය කලාට :)

sam said...

Each direction reveals you
You and you alone shall reside in my heart
Shall I say without you,not even a moment could be endured?
In my breath as well,your fragrance will remain
Darling, becoming my blood,you'll flow through my body.I love you that much...

I draw breath, beloved,only when taking your name,
I'll tell this world,that you are my darling.
I've found life,only by living within your heart.
What more could I ask of God,when lifting my hands?
This is your heart, darling,which is in my chest.
I'm alive only because of you.My heartbeats are speaking.I love you that much..

With the color of my desire,I will fill the part in your hair
I'll give you love that surpasses even love's limits
Taking on all your sorrows,I'll give you every happiness.
Don't go far from me,I won't be able to survive.
You're greater than my life and soul,my love, you shall realize this.
I'll even give my life for you,ask for it and watch,I love you that much

wat a girl you are,you have very great beutiful heart,i dnt know u r beuty or nt in out look,bt im worry abt why u lost ur love,if my girl have/had a bit of heart like you......????

Anjala said...

Dear Sam Thanks for the comment.
It really mean something for me.:)

I didn't lose my love.I fell in love with a man when I am a teenage n its been 7 years for now n I still love the same man with my all heart n he also the same.But now he is living oceans apart from me and that why I drew that sketch saying "I MISS HIM".

We may come across obstacles,personal matters and petty difficulties but at the end we always survive together.No matter what the future holds I wish him to be mine for the rest of my life :)

sam said...

oh that is da story, bt i thought he left you or you miss him or something like dat,it because ur poems creations too much touching that kind of look,too emotional any way i wish you too from the deep of my heart, he will be yours