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නුඹයි මගේ එකම පැතුම You Are My Only Hope


somadasa said...

wow ela ela! oya ge nirmaana okkoma meke daana!
good luck!

Anonymous said...

How can I continue my life
Without my heart?
How can I go on
Without you by my side??
itz over anji you make me really
(fukdup) sorry my bad anyway so sad
kep it up you got a talent

Anjala said...

@Somadasa> ස්තුතියි අයියා ඔබට...:)

@Anonymous>May I know your name please,I guess you are Chalana 123 aiya from Youtube ?? Thanks for commenting on my poem...I know how hard you to live without your love but dear bro leave your past behind and let others to love you..:)

amilapriyankara.dsc said...

niyamayi akki.....
keep it up...